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Wild~ Eustass Kid x Reader pt1

      Kid's crew found a jungle island to stop on for a while, especially since Kid's recent injuries made him weaker than he would admit. Kid growled looking at the bandages that marked his left side. Out of all the shit... He was getting tired of seeing the doctor's face so he decides to sneak out and take a walk. He staggered slightly, still adjusting to the loss of his arm.
       You blink through the skull's eyes at the injured man curiously. You had avoided the others that left the ship, but he caught your eye. You slink through the the undergrowth, drawing closer silently, animal hides shifting over you. He stops suddenly, amber eyes scanning around sharply.
       "Killer?" He calls carefully. You stop tilting your head. You knew that word, but why would he call it out? With a shrug he moves on ahead. You carefully move behind him, standing up and lifting the skull that hid your face to
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Wild pt2~ Eustass Kid x Reader

      You got low on all fours, moving your mask back into place as you stay close to Kid's leg. He looked down at you but didn't say anything as he lead you onto the ship. You sniff at the deck curiously. "Blood... And guns..." You murmur sniffing around. The crew watches you curiously as you sniff at the railing chewing on it lightly.
       "Don't chew on that!" Kid scolds lightly.
       "That's bad tree." You stick out your tongue in distaste.
       "You mean wood ___." He says.
       "Bad wood." You correct looking at the crew curiously.
       "Who's this captain?" Killer asks crouching in front of you. 
       "This is ___, Killer she's going to be coming with us." Kid tells him as you move up your skull, sniffing at Killer's mask curiously. Killer rumbles lowly and you hop back with a hiss. "He was jus
:iconpiratequeend:PirateQueenD 124 17
Like The Father - Akashi x Reader
“(Name), make me breakfast,” a childlike voice called out as something moved on top of you. You groaned and pulled your blanket over your head, hoping to resume sleeping. Whatever it was crawled a bit closer to your head. “(Name), wake up!” You growled softly as you sat up quickly and looked down, finding a young redhead sitting on your legs.
“…ah, a mini Sei-kun,” you groggily stated, yawning afterwards.
“I’m not papa!” the child exclaimed. You blinked a few times as your eyes adjusted to the lack of light.
“Ah, it’s Seiji,” you said as your hand reached out to pat him on the head. The redhead pouted.
“(Name), I’m hungry. Make me breakfast!” the child demanded. You frowned.
“How many times have I told you to call me ‘mama’?” you said as you stretched his soft cheeks.
“I don’t wanna!” he refused as he tried to make you stop. After a while, you decide
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